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Disclosure vs Discovery – US and English analysis

Ed Floyd tackles the differences between 'disclosure' in the English litigation process and 'discovery' in the US.  Ed brings a wealth of experience dealing with document discovery battles.
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Freight payment without set-off – an exception to an exception

Luke Zadkovich presents a short, sharp video on the obligation to pay freight without set-off.  This fundamental principle in carriage contracts is tested in the freight forwarding context, uncovering an exception to an exception.
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Recover this! Punitive damages and Impecuniosity: UK and US courts on damages

Jonas Patzwall examines punitive damages in the US following the recent SCOTUS decision in Dutra Group v Batterton and impecuniosity in the recent English High Court decision in Nautical Challenge v Evergreen
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The Gulf of Oman – a war of words?

Ed Carlson considers some of the legal and evidential issues arising in view of the recent attacks on tankers in or about the Gulf of Oman.
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Managing counterparty risk

Luke Zadkovich explains why it is important to assess and mitigate counterparty risk and what steps to take in current freight markets.
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Our plant, our early growth

A fun look at our firm's early growth ...
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Admiralty Disruption – New Orleans 2019

In this video, Jonas Patzwall of Floyd Zadkovich summarizes the key points from a range of seminar at the Admiralty Disruption conference taking place in New Orleans - March 21-23, 2019.
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Update: another triple-shot of US sanctions

In this update, we assess the latest series of US sanctions ranging across Libya, Cuba, Iran and Venezuela.  US sanction continue to command the attention of any businesses or individuals operating in or with counter-parties in these countries, with caution the prevailing wind.
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US and Venezuela – rising tensions

Tensions are escalating both within Venezuela and internationally between the US, Venezuela, and Venezuela’s patrons, China and Russia... implications could be significant including on oil prices and the US sanctions regime.
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Mexican decree on taxes – wider context with the US

This article on a recent Mexican decree on taxation near the US border is a joint collaboration between, Mexican and Austrian lawyers with offices in Mexico City and Vienna, and Floyd Zadkovich, US and English lawyers with offices in New York and London. The Decree and its tax breaks could be a significant factor in the presently fluid US-Mexico relationship.
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